Top Tools to Help You Write A Book Online

If you already have a good idea for a novel or nonfiction work in your head, you will need to get this work on paper (or pixels) before it will be any good to anyone. It takes time, effort, dedication and motivation to complete a work of this magnitude and getting all the help you can is the best way to begin.

write a book online

The techno world is chock full of tools that can help you write a book online. Don’t wait for the “Shakespeare 5000 Brain Scanner and Writer to be Released” begin your book today with one of these essential writing aids.

Draft — Put finger to keyboard to pound out some of the greatest productions with this impressive writing tool. There is even a handy “Hemingway mode” that will allow those of us with a penchant for perfection to go over and craft our words perfectly. Nothing can be deleted in this mode, only written forward. The best thing about this option is the low cost. Absolutely free for one of the best writing tools you can find.

Evernote — Are you working on a historically accurate account of epic heroism or romance? Do you have a very professionally or academically specific character that you are depicting? A doctor, nuclear physicist or a haute-cuisine chef perhaps? You will want to fill your descriptions with accurate details to truly sell your character to your audience. But covering all these minuscule details can actually be a time-consuming activity without the right tools. Evernote allows you to create make all the notes you will need to make your story rich and captivating.

This app is available for the PC and mobile devices as well.

Coggle — it can be very difficult to write a book online and there are far too many ideas and counsels on how to best speed up this process. One important truth that is true in all ideas is that organizing your thoughts and ideas can certainly facilitate the process.

Before you even begin the rough draft of your story. You will want to begin with a the whole idea of your story where the events will lead and what type of twists will add flavor and style to your account. Coggle is an attractive program with an intuitive process that will allow you to conduct your brainstorming in the most visually understandable way possible. The free version is a useful tool in itself, but the paid option only costs $5 and has several important tools that can improve your process considerably.

The mind mapping tool found in Coggle can be used in conjunction with the Now Novels idea program and used to produce thoughts that have never been thunked before. Gathering your ideas, points and details will be easy and soon your satisfying story will be complete.

In conclusion — No matter which tool you use to write a book online, your process, progress and final production will be more enjoyable and productive if you use the best tools at your disposal.