Affordable Freeboiler Program

free-boiler-schemeFree boiler scheme is basically part of the Providers’ of energy Obligation scheme. As introduced in the year 2013, this scheme tries to help private tenants or homeowners with very low income to replace their faulty or odd boiler free of charge, or even at a subsidized rate.

Free boiler scheme is a government initiative that is aimed at decreasing the overall quantity of energy that we use. Through working with key energy service providers in the UK, the government has made it to be a legal liability for these companies so as to improve the household’s energy
efficiency across the country through providing funding to most vulnerable people.

The eligibility criteria for this particular grant is very strict.Generally, you should be receiving at least one advantage from the government.You should also be having a household income about £20,000 per year and below. It is also a requirement to have your own home or even have the permission from the landlord to replace the already existing boiler in case you live in a rented property.

Free boiler grants are basically non-repayable. This, therefore, means that you don’t need to pay anything back at any particular time.Additionally, it is equally important to note that there are no complicated conditions and terms. For instance, if you qualify for this free boiler grant, then you can actually have one installed with perhaps new heating controls.

The basic funding amount is ideally determined by your home efficiency. An energy assessment is also carried out freely without any charge. It is important to note that in some cases a small contribution is required.

The grants are generally funded by the leading energy.Millions of households all through the UK have taken absolute advantage in this free boiler scheme program. Millions more could as well claim.

In conclusion and to summarize, the free boiler scheme, here some basic tips you may need to know about the program.

Getting your hands on the free boiler scheme is a very straightforward and simple process.

It is only private tenants and homeowners can apply. The tenants privately renting will have to get authority from their landlord before applying.
Free boiler scheme will basically be available up to the period when the Energy Company liability or Obligation closes. This will be in the month of September 2018. The Energy suppliers have actually agreed to make about £1.3 billion funding pot available each year the scheme is operating.

The energy suppliers risk huge fines if they fail to meet the carbon emissions objectives as set by the state Government.

Unfortunately, the scheme is not open to everyone. You must be on particular benefits so as to apply and meet strict criteria. For instance,the pensioners have to be in receipt of the Pension Guarantee Credit because state pension scheme alone cannot be enough.